Will’O’Wicks Scented Candles

Breathe in the scent of adventure!

Local Edinburgh alchemist Will’O’Wicks has conjured up some potent perfumes to invoke the deepest sensory immersion at your gaming table.

Each pack of candles contains 9 Scented Candles with 2 hours burn time each, and relevant sticker sheets of themed system-neutral TTRPG activities. All candles are infused with a flame-safe glitter that turns each one into a swirling focus for your players.

All packs are wrapped in an illustrated protective wrap.

Scent Themes

  • Dragonsmoke Curios. Inspired by trinkets shops, dark alleyways, and the strange glittering artefact the party find in their bag, without remembering who looted it from the dungeon. Smells like: Warm Incense, Pepper, Musk.
  • Short Rest. Banish the cold nights on the open road with this woody blend. Perfect for fire-side strategy meetings, divvying up the loot, and keeping watch for monsters prowling the night. Smells like: Campfire Smoke, Open Meadows.
  • Guiding Lights. Advice can come from all manner of places, and not least from beyond the pale. Channel voices from the other side, set the scene for a mystic ritual, or commune with the gods with these  Smells like: White Tea, Sage, Herbal Remedies.

+ 9 Scented Candles with flame-size glitter
+ Themed TTRPG worksheet stickers