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Autumn 4 - A Gander at Port

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Out on a foraging expedition, you wander along a twisting path making your way down a steep bank, as a chill breeze cuts the air at your back. A sudden chirping from overhead catches your attention; "Hey! Wait! Stop, hang on!"

Your local Noonmessenger perches half near to breathless on a nearby tree twig. "I was on my way to the clinic, but saw you out and about and thought I'd save the hassle. I haven't got any letters this week, but I do have some gossip, and I couldn't wait to tell you. Oh, it's so juicy! Did you hear about Mikel? They're this goose, part of a guild. I heard they got into a right peck-about at the docks! It was all over some fruit..." 

Social Encounter: A Gander At Port

This encounter can be swapped in at Loch Settlements during Autumn or Spring, instead of drawing a random social encounter.

You hear quacks, honks, and heated arguments ahead at a small wooden pontoon on the water's edge. A goose wrapped in empty reed-woven satchels slaps their foot on the wooden planks of the walkway, while several small beasts tap at ledgers and wax-sealed paperwork.

"We have the right to pack these blackberries on our barge" a hedgehog snarls; "that bush was outside the village walls, so it was fair pickings!"

"But its the end of their season, and my charter states the Wetfowl's Guild has rights to all bank born berries at the end of Autumn and the start of Spring!" quacks the goose.

1) Side with the Guild Goose. You've heard rumours that the Wetfowl guild have alliances sworn from the smallest dipper to the most majestic swan. This could be a chance to get into their good books! If you help the Goose, gain 3 Reputation, but annoy the locals; you cannot Barter at this location when solving your next Ailment.

How do you help the Goose win custody of the blackberry cargo? What role do they have in the Wetfowl Guild?

2) Side with the Free Beasts. A little sternness now could help feed a lot of hungry locals, especially those outside the supportive network of a Guild. If you argue on behalf of the local free beasts, gain a Brambles (Berry) reagent but lose 1 reputation.

How do you help the Beasts win custody of the blackberry cargo? What plans do they have for these fruits?

3) Keep out of it. Charters, paperwork, official seals; it's all outside of your purview. Beast keep your snout out of other beast's messes.

Journal about the argument; how did it end?

Apawthecaria Social Encounter

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