Border Riding

Create the story of a village, and follow it through the ages. A game about boundaries & where we draw them, printed on a massive map. Raised over £23,000 on Kickstarter!

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Welcome to Shungvales

Sword dancing, blazing fashion, or the quiet brilliance of a temple - no matter what you're searching for on your journey, Guide to Kroma will make your trip a breeze!

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Explore the world of Beast Fables in this new solo-journaling chapter. Go on a daring journey through the underbrush, helping beasts near and far!

Image. Apawthecaria front cover. Animals on a table, brewing a potion.

Fast Paced Heists Await

Embody a tiny animal, facing dangers big and bigger, and survive long enough to tell the tale. Each heist wraps up in under two hours, with rules perfect for first time players.

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Count Every Breath

Create unique explorers, take on challenging Contracts, and explore procedurally generated Wrecks in search of a desperate payout that could change your life.

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Carved in Stone

Unlock Scotland’s past with this primer on the Pictish peoples. A cross-sector project in partnership with the University of Glasgow and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Join our mailing list to hear about its release, and other exciting upcoming projects!

GIF. Two medieval figures stand in the foreground, next to a Pictish standing stone, while the wind rustles their clothing. In the distance is a small town, a loch, and a mountain range.

Find Your Fate

Bring fortune telling and moral reflection to you table with Vice & Virtue. Explore your characters in greater depth with this system neutral TTRPG supplement.

Image shows illustrated cards in black and white dropped over an streaky dark background. The cards focus on dichotomies of vice and virtue, such as Gluttony and Dignity, and Lust and Restraint. These cards are from Vice & Virtue.

Start Playing Today!

Everyone wants to play roleplaying games; they're fun, they teach invaluable lessons, and they make safe spaces for everyone to join in. Yet, even experienced players are intimidated in running or joining in their own games.

With a Stout Stoat by your side, you can say goodbye to those fears and hello to a whole new world of adventure.

Dive In
A toad and bat stare cosily into a bubbling pot atop a campfire. The toad wears a warm blue gambeson, and the bat has a tight green flight suit over their chest and legs. In the background pale blue flowers and foliage bloom.

Videos & Live Shows

There's everything from soundtracks, interviews, panel shows, live plays, reviews and more over on our YouTube channel.

Image. A wide panorama of a bustling medieval city. From left to right, a bridge cross over to a public square and follows through to a market of wooden stalls. Adventurers, dragons, wizards, rogues and more are everywhere. A castle sits in the background.

Featured Game

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New: Expanded and Refined 2nd Edition!

Embark on a swift and exciting scurry through Scotland’s verdant underbrush as you’ve never been able to before—as beasts!

Players race against the clock, face conflicts and resolve them with imaginative solutions while trying to complete their goals before succumbing to exhaustion!

Each scurry should take 1 to 2 hours to play, with the story ramping up towards an exciting finish.

Suitable for ages 13+, or younger with a guide. A set of polyhedral dice are used to play.

Looking for free character sheets and worksheets? Find them here!

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Community Driven

Stout Stoat is dedicated to publishing uplifting and inspiring works.

We are proud to be queer and disabled, and represent all folks as authentically as possible in our stories. Through representation we can make our hobby accessible to those who need it most.

By supporting entry-level creators, we can hone skills the entire community can benefit from.

Our Goals

Image shows a white magpie sitting on top of the glowing ruby of a wizard's staff. Mist curls mysteriously around it.
Make roleplaying more accessible

This includes entry-level games for new players, inclusive characters featured in our stories, taking steps to make our media available to everyone (such as ALT-text on our images and plain-text versions of our books).

Image. A medieval woman, feeding some dogs in front of her thatched cottage.
Teach new skills

Roleplaying games are an amazingly versatile tool. They can teach vital social skills, facilitate safe spaces in marginalised communities, and allow us to explore and digest society's contemporary issues on our own terms.

Image. A group of fantasy adventurers investigate a bag in an alleyway, while thugs approach from nearby shadows.
Create entry-level opportunities

Stout Stoat prioritises working with emerging creators (such as illustrators and writers), giving them the constructive opportunities and credit they deserve.