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Queer, Disabled and Scottish Publisher

Founded in 2018, we've built a reputation for combining tight, innovative game design with bold, charismatic design. Our games have been nominated for awards and sold in bookshops all over the world.

Our goal is to Uplift.

We design our games to excite both new and experience players. Behind the scenes, we specifically work with entry-level creators, curating a constructive work environment. Throughout our design process, we try to generate materials that are as accessible as possible, and enhance the experience you'll have when you sit down to play.

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Our Level 1 Divination Wizard Origin Story

Old Face, New Name

You might know us by an older name. We started out by publishing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons zines. Working with local risograph printshop Out Of the Blueprint, we built our collections and honed our skills.

Dungeons on a Dime is a fine name - adventures, and cheap! However, as our library grew, our old title beginning to chafe. We hadn't published an actual dungeon-delve by that point, and our community values weren't reflecting in the brand that most knew us by.

In 2022 we made the switch to Stout Stoat, and the rest is history.