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Reviewers Database

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This is a public resource to help indie TTRPG creators find reviewers who want to highlight their projects.


Link to the Reviewers' (Google Forms):

Link the Database (Google Sheets): 


All of the other small creators I talk to share a common problem; once we've made something, we don't know who or where to send it to get more eyes on it, save for the same two or three sympathetic spaces.

So, I made this.

It's a Google Form, linked to this public view-only and copy-protected Google Sheet. The idea is that reviewers, podcasters, bloggers, tiktokkers and others making TTRPG content submit their details, and prospective creators can scan through to find homes for their press packs.

For GDPR safety, Reviewers only submit their Name and a single place to find their information, such as a contact page on their blog or a social media handle they use with DMs open. It's intended as a jumping-off point.

Reviewers also list what sort of content they make, their typical audience size, what kinds of projects they would want to hear about and if they expect sponsorship fees. Responses to the form can be edited or removed.

In an ideal world, this Form/Sheet will help smaller reviewers pair up with smaller creators to shout about cool things that are happening in the TTRPG space. I could certainly do with a resource like this!

There will be a hands-off approach to moderation. I'm hosting this sheet, and if anyone flags information that shouldn't be on there, I'll remove it. However, I won't be curating the sheet or the people on it.

The creators I've floated this by were excited, and I've tried to make this in a way that balances safety with my capacity as an individual also doing 50 million other jobs. I'm open to suggestions for improving and streamlining it!

(Post contents was originally from a Twitter thread, linked here)

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