GM Screen - In The Red

An exciting reward from the In The Red Kickstarter.

Bring your players directly into a bustling metropolis with this deluxe GM Screen. Beautifully illustrated by Alexander Sands, this hard board screen has all the specific and general tips, tables and rules you'll need for you next city-based adventure.

  • Combined System-neutral tips and tables with city-specific 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules.
  • GM tips on one side, beautiful artwork ad Player tips on the other.
  • Numbered tracker from 1-21+ along the top middle edge, perfect for initiative.
  • Clear layout and approachable text, with helpful icons for quick referencing.
  • Bonus: Get a PDF of the GM Screen front and back

Main screen illustration by Alexander Sands, spot illustration by Charlie Fergusson-Avery, text and layout by Brian Tyrrell.

A ZIP folder containing all relevant PDFs will be available for download at checkout, and emailed to you (if you provided an email).