One Breath Left

Format Digital

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Move with caution. Reclaim useful tools. Track your oxygen levels. Investigate rooms for clues. Reveal the ship’s schematics.


One Breath Left is a solo-journaling sci-fi horror game, played in 1-2 hour sessions.

You are an Explorer tasked with determining what happened aboard a now-abandoned spaceship. You’ll document what you find while trying to avoid a perilous end.

One Breath Left is played across three phases:

  • Set Up: Choose who your Explorer is, what Contract they have undertaken and which Wreck they are visiting.
  • Exploration: The body of the game. Use a deck of cards to build a unique derelict Wreck to explore.
  • Epilogue: Concluding the game. Find out if your Explorer survives, and if so, what their life is like after their time aboard the Wreck.

You will use custom deck of locations to build a completely unique ship with every playthrough. Start with a set of 20 Standard Rooms, which you customise with 10 Non Standard rooms depending on the different combinations of Contracts and Wrecks you can choose to explore.

To be able to explore the Wreck, you'll need to spend a limited resource: Oxygen. Every breath counts, and you'll need to think ahead as you explore. Delve too far, investigate too thoroughly and you might not make back out of the Airlock. However, spend too little time aboard the Wreck, and you risk failing the demands of your contract.

Free VTT Available Here

Physical Edition. A sleeved box containing 3 Rules Booklets, a Deck of 52 Custom Cards, Tracking Token.

Digital Edition. AZIP Folder containing PDF rules, Print'n'Play variants, link to free virtual tabletop for online play.