The Longest Night - Digital

The Longest Night is a legacy zine, originally available in two risograph print runs.

Be wary girl, 'n' mind yer back.
Don't let the wulf catch ye,
or th' sun wull cease tae raise,
'n' th' world as we ken it wull end

Dark times are headed for your party in the second issue of Dungeons on a Dime. Sunna, Goddess of the sun, and Skoll, God of night, have wrestled each other out of the sky. Weakened by their fall to earth, their divine conflict will be subject to the push and pull of your adventurers. This issue is stuffed with chases, combat encounters, skill challenges, motivated characters, magic items, loot tables and brand new rules, including a new Cleric archetype - the Solar Domain. The Longest Night provides you with a plethora of playtested content for your regular game night.

Inside this digital issue, you will find:

  • The 48 page PDF of The Longest Night, with over 18,000 words of original content and 40 unique illustrations.
  • Printable maps for two encounters, a frozen pool and wild animal's lair.
  • A host of new paper miniatures for this adventure, including forest beasts, gods and chariots.
  • Tips and tricks useful for new and experienced game masters alike!