Vice & Virtue

Format Digital

Vice and Virtue is a fortune-telling inspired roleplaying supplement. Using themed cards, readings and guided character reflections, you and your players can bring character morality into your games and structure your improvised storytelling with mysterious and exciting fortunes. 

By adding this simple sub-system to your regular gaming sessions, you can:

  • Help players become active participants in the story's direction
  • Easily prepare engaging and thematic scenes
  • Naturally introduce safety tool check-ins and post-session debriefing at your table
  • All and more, in less than 15 minutes of extra play time

    A5 book, 200gsm soft-touch laminate cover with 100gsm recycled paper interior.

    + 140 nuanced and inspiring session-long encounters,
    + Work from four talented guest writers; Lee Lehrer, Sen. H.H.S, E. Barber and Kirsty Kidd.
    + Deck of 7 tarot-sized cards for use with the game, printed with gold ink, contained in cord tie envelope attached inside the book.

    A ZIP folder containing all relevant PDFs will be available for download at checkout, and emailed to you (if you provided an email).