Summer 5 - Festival on the Fringe

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Like clockwork, your local Noonmessenger is back again. This time, slipped amongst the stack of letters for your Clinic there is a colourful leaflet for a local event. A 'Festival on the Fringe'. From the sound of it, there'll be a lot of beasts attending, and a short of Bed and Breakfasts set up in local trees (the birds call them Aerial BNBs).

Social Encounter - Festival on the Fringe

When next Moving into a Wilds Locations, complete this Social Encounter instead of drawing a Travel Encounter.

As you move around a brightly painted boulder, a wondrous sight unfolds before you. A tent-city, full of singers, performers, comedians and other entertainers has set up in this clearing.

For the rest of the Season, this Wilds Location counts as a Settlement of the same Region type.

When drawing Social Encounters, use the following options instead of those in the Almanac:

♥️ - Path-blocking Performer. Navigating the dirt-packed paths of the Festival is dizzying, even for those that set them up. Unexpectedly you follow a crowd of beasts into the audience of a performer's show. They've roped off a circle in the middle of the concourse you need to travel through, and the spell-bound audience are making it impossible to progress.

Cut a quick exit. Whether flying overhead, shoving past, or burrowing under a nearby canvas tent, you escape the performer's trap. However, you earn some disapproving looks from nearby festival goers.
Lose 1 Reputation.

Endure the show. Sometimes fate tells you to sit down and enjoy yourself. With a deep breath, you lift yourself out of the many tasks you have ahead, and sink into the now, enjoying a simple street performance.
Lower Timers by 1.

♦️ - Delightful Delicacies. Performers draw crowds, and crowds draw merchants. Any spare nook is fair game for a beast to lay down a rug or dig a fire pit, and share their wares.

Price Gouge. You buy anything at the Fringe - so long as you're willing to accept that it'll be expensive.
You can purchase a single Reagent, but its Trinket cost is equal to its Rarity.

Fierce Haggle. Patience, determination and some self-indulgent finger waggling can pull a firm deal from any trader (mostly because they want you away from their stall so another customer can come by).
You can purchase a single non-Titan Reagent of any rarity for 2 Trinkets, but lose 3 Reputation.

Wander the Stalls. Sometimes a little windowless shopping is good for the mind. Journal about the different crafts and tradebeasts you see displaying their works.

Apawthecaria Social Encounter

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