Introduction: Letters for the Poulticepounders

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A chipper robin tumbles through the air above your clinic. They land bravely, swinging precariously on a green-growth twig. Their mail sack hangs heavily from their back, stuffed with slips of bark and letters with colourful wax seals.
"Finally!" they chirp. "I've been flapping all over this neck of the woods. Can you believe they said you were the hut with the red roof? It's clearly purple. What is the guild coming to these days? Anyhow. Here, I've got a letter for you... it's in this bag... and... here!" 
The Noonmessenger passes a thin, crisp envelope from beak to claw, and hands it to you eagerly.
"There's also a parcel coming for you, but you'll have to wait for Jen -- she's a Goshawk, but a good sort. I think it's a frying pan? Well, I've got to be off. I'll see you next week!"
Letters for the Poulticepounders

Welcome to a free year's worth of content for Apawthecaria, a solo-journaling game from Stout Stoat Press and Blackwell Games.

This blog will update with a new letter each week from the beasts of the Bristley Woods. Some will bring news of new encounters to explore, exciting tools to test out, or special social events related to our own calendar year, or even dire ailments in need of emergency treatment.

These letters will arrive every Monday, starting from the first week of July 2022. Keep your ears perked for the wings of the Noonmessengers until then!


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