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Summer 1 - Hay’s Fever

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A rather chipper red robin lands on a supporting branch of your Clinic. They fish around in their small haversack, and pull out this rather dusty letter. Wait, dust isn't usually yellow...

Hay’s Fever

Lesser Ailment. [PAIN 1, INSTINCT 1, SENSES 2]. Timer 8.

This Ailment replaces the Monarch result (Waen Drops) during Summer Journeys.

It's the height of summer, and flowers throughout the wild meadows are in bloom. Normally tolerable, a recent wash of rain followed by warm breezes has stirred an unusually high level of pollen, and your poor patient is struggling to paw at their red eyes and runny nose.


If the timer reaches 4 - Puffy. Slipping slowly into temptation in you absence, your patient has itched and itched and itched and their eyes. It's left them in a proper state, and their neighbour has started rumours that it isn't the pollen but something infectious.

Beasts near and far are staying indoors for a short while, and washing regularly; there are no regional services available in Settlements until after you next Move On.

If the timer reaches 0 - Rubbed Raw. The pollen has won this battle; you find your patient a half-blinded, sobbing snotty mess. Best to leave them with a cold compress and make a quick exit - you've overstayed your welcome.

Ailment Apawthecaria

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