Summer 2 - Dreich

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Out from the canopy of your Clinic you spot a red robin Noonmessenger, darting through vertical slashes of rain. He only stops for a moment, pulling a missive out from his waxed haversack.

"It's a bit miserable today. There's no nice updrafts, which means I have to flap all that much more." His little whinge hangs in the air for a second, and before you can respond, he's darted back off on his mail route.

Travelling Encounter - Dreich

Summer. All Regions.

The usual sunlit skies you would expect from the longest days of the year are instead replaced by overcast clouds and slow, steady rain. The day's heat is diffused and all encompassing, and the air is muggy.

Layer up. You pull on protective clothing and use some nearby leaves as a makeshift shelter from the rain. Decrease your next Timer by 2.

Embrace the rain. A little soaking never hurt anyone. Your reagents however... the tops layer of your bags are rather sodden. Unless you have a Waxed Satchel, discard 1 Reagent you are carrying.

Apawthecaria Travel Encounter

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